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# sync naar amber
# zie:

rsync -zvra /mnt/bigwhitefrans/Backup/Frans/Downloads /mnt/amber

Rsync opties

  • -z : compressie
  • -r : recursive
  • -v : verbose
  • -a : archive , preserve timestamps, etc
  • -u : do not overwrite modified files at the destination
  • --progress : view the progress
  • --delete : delete the files created at the target (file is not present at the source, but present at the target)
  • --existing : update only existing files at the target
  • -i : display item changes
  • --include 'P*' --exclude '*' : include/exlude patterns
  • --max-size='100K' : do not transfer large files
  • -W : transfer whole files (if bandwidth is not an issue, but CPU is)
  • --inplace : vervang bestanden zelf, maak geen temp file
display -i
  • > specifies that a file is being transferred to the local host.
  • f represents that it is a file.
  • s represents size changes are there.
  • t represents timestamp changes are there.
  • o owner changed
  • g group changed.

tips to speed up rsync

  • gebruik -z alleen over trage links, niet op disks en normaal internet .
  • gebruik --inplace om disk trshing te voorkomen. Wel op internet.