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  • SYN Stealth Scan [-sS]
  • FIN, Null and Xmas Tree Scans [-sF, -sN, -sX]
  • Ping Scan [-sP]
  • UDP Scan [-sU]
  • IP Protocol Scans [-sO]
  • -T paranoid|sneaky|polite|normal|aggressive|insane (Set a timing template)
  • Version Detection [-sV]
  • ACK Scan [-sA]

Variables come before the target: nmap <variable> <variable> <target>[3]

  • -sS - This is a SYN stealth scan. It is less detectable than a standard scan, but may take longer. Many modern firewalls can detect an –sS scan.
  • -sn - This is a ping scan. This will disable port scanning, and will only check to see if the host is online.
  • -O - This is an operating system scan. The scan will attempt to determine the operating system of the target.
  • -A - This variable enables several of the most commonly used scans: OS detection, version detection, script scanning, and traceroute.
  • -F - This enables fast mode, and will reduce the number of ports scanned.
  • -v - This will show more information in your results, making them easier to read.