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Custom Radio commands

Bind to a key

For example, instead of typing this:

 playerradio Radio.LocBombA "A bomb site"

type this instead:

 bind q "playerradio Radio.LocBombA A_site"


  • playerradio Radio.LocBombA "A bomb site"
  • playerradio Radio.LocBombB "B bomb site"
  • playerradio Radio.LocBack "Back"
  • playerradio Radio.LocCatwalk "Catwalk"
  • playerradio Radio.LocConnector "Connector"
  • playerradio Radio.LocEnemySpawn "Enemy spawn"
  • playerradio Radio.LocDoor "Door"
  • playerradio Radio.LocDoubleDoors "Double door"
  • playerradio Radio.LocHostageEscapeZone "Hostage escape zone"
  • playerradio Radio.LocFront "Front"
  • playerradio Radio.LocHostage "Hostage"
  • playerradio Radio.LocHut "Hut"
  • playerradio Radio.LocLong "Long"
  • playerradio Radio.LocMid "Mid"
  • playerradio Radio.LocOverpass "Overpass"
  • playerradio Radio.LocPalace "Palace"
  • playerradio Radio.LocPlatform "platform"
  • playerradio Radio.LocRamp "ramp"
  • playerradio Radio.LocSnipersNest "snipersnest"
  • playerradio Radio.LocStairs "Stairs"
  • playerradio Radio.LocOurSpawn "Our spawn"


  • playerradio Agree "Yes"
  • playerradio Disagree "No"
  • playerradio Radio.Compliment "Good job"
  • playerradio Radio.Sorry "I'm sorry"
  • playerradio ScaredEmote "I'm scared"
  • playerradio Radio.Thanks "Thanks"
  • playerradio Radio.RoundLost "We lost the round"
  • playerradio TeamLeadWon "We're winning"
  • playerradio TeamLeadLost "We lost the lead"
  • playerradio WonRound "We won"

Combat Status

  • playerradio Radio.ImAttacking "Attacking"
  • playerradio CoveringFriend "Covering"
  • playerradio PinnedDown "I'm pinned"
  • playerradio InCombat "Taking fire"
  • playerradio FriendlyFire "Taking friendly fire"
  • playerradio LastManStanding "Last unit alive"

Enemy Killed

  • playerradio KilledMyEnemy "I killed them"
  • playerradio Radio.MyHeadshot "I got a head shot"
  • playerradio Radio.IKilledSniper "I killed a sniper"
  • playerradio SniperKilled "We killed a sniper"
  • playerradio Radio.SawHeadshot "I saw your headshot"

Enemies Seen

  • playerradio Radio.EnemySpotted "I saw them"
  • playerradio SniperWarning "Saw a sniper"
  • playerradio SpottedBomber "Saw the bomb carrier"
  • playerradio ThreeEnemiesLeft "Three left"
  • playerradio TwoEnemiesLeft "Two left"
  • playerradio OneEnemyLeft "One left"
  • playerradio Clear "None left"

Bomb Status

  • playerradio GoingToGuardLooseBomb "Guarding the bomb"
  • playerradio BombsiteClear "Bombsite clear"
  • playerradio SpottedLooseBomb "Bomb has been dropped"
  • playerradio Radio.PickedUpC4 "Bomb has been picked up"
  • playerradio Radio.PlantingAtA "Planting at A"
  • playerradio Radio.PlantingAtB "Planting at B"
  • playerradio Radio.WePlanted "Planted"

Request Move

  • playerradio Radio.StickTogether "Stick together"
  • playerradio Radio.FollowMe "Follow me"
  • playerradio Radio.SpreadOut "Spread out"
  • playerradio Radio.TeamFallBack "Fall back"
  • playerradio Radio.GoGoGo "Go Go Go!"
  • playerradio Radio.LocHostage "Get the hostage"
  • playerradio WaitingForHumanToDefuseBomb "Defuse Now"

Request Prepare

  • playerradio Radio.EcoRound "We should eco"
  • playerradio Radio.SpendRound "We should spend"
  • playerradio Radio.NeedLeader "Who will lead?"
  • playerradio Radio.NeedPlan "What's the plan?"
  • playerradio Radio.NeedDrop "Can I have a weapon?"

Request Defend

  • playerradio Radio.NeedQuiet "Be quiet!"
  • playerradio Radio.CoverMe "Cover me"
  • playerradio help "I need help"
  • playerradio Radio.HoldPosition "Hold your position"


  • playerradio Radio.NeedDecoy "Need a Decoy"
  • playerradio Radio.NeedSmoke "Need a Smoke"
  • playerradio Radio.NeedFire "Need a Fire"
  • playerradio Radio.NeedGrenade "Need a Grenade"
  • playerradio Radio.NeedFlash "Need a Flashbang"
  • playerradio Radio.Decoy "Decoy out"
  • playerradio Radio.Smoke "Smoke out"
  • playerradio Radio.Molotov Fire "Molotov out"
  • playerradio Radio.FireInTheHole "Grenade out"
  • playerradio Radio.Flashbang "Flashbang out"


  • playerradio DeathCry "*dies*"
  • playerradio AgreeWithPlan "OK"
  • playerradio WonRoundQuickly "Good Job"
  • playerradio RequestReport "Report In"
  • playerradio radio.cheer "*cheers*"
  • playerradio HeardNoise "I heard something"
  • playerradio killedFriend "Teamkill"
  • playerradio WhereIsTheBomb "Where is bomb?"
  • playerradio TheyPickedUpTheBomb "They got bomb"
  • playerradio GuardingLooseBomb "Guarding Loose Bomb"
  • playerradio EscortingHostages "Escorting Hostages"