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CSGO Map Callouts

map spot names, map names, radar names

These are maps to be viewed outside of the game. there are not radarmaps! Last changes to active map group and reserve map group are not up to date here.

Operation Hydra

Maps: Agency, Black Gold, Insertion, Austria, Lite, Shipped, Thrill

callouts hydra cs agency callouts hydra cs insertion callouts hydra de blackgold callouts hydra de lite callouts hydra de thrill

Active mapgroup

callouts active de cache callouts active de cobblestone callouts active de inferno callouts active de mirage callouts active de nuke callouts active de overpass callouts active de train

Reserve mapgroup

callouts reserve cs italy callouts reserve cs office callouts reserve cs office2 callouts reserve de canals callouts reserve de canals callouts reserve de dust callouts reserve de dust2

Operation Wildfire mapgroup

  • Cruise
  • Coast
  • Empire
  • Mikla
  • Nuke
  • Royal
  • Santorini
  • Tulip

Unfortunately I couldn't find callouts for cs_cruise or de_empire. If you have one, plz mail me -> mailto:sikkepitje [snail] gmail [period] com

callouts wildfire de coast callouts wildfire de mikla callouts wildfire de royal callouts wildfire de santorini callouts wildfire de tulip

Operation Bloodhound mapgroup

callouts bloodhound cs agency callouts bloodhound de log callouts bloodhound de rails callouts bloodhound de resort callouts bloodhound de resort creative callouts bloodhound de season callouts bloodhound de zoo1 callouts bloodhound de zoo2

Other operations maps

callouts extra cs motel callouts extra cs workout callouts extra de facade callouts extra de marquis

And here are the funny ones

callouts funny de log callouts funny de rails


Thanks go out to the resepective authors, especially Froosh, RFactor, Maximum Breakfast!

Callouts Agency from Operation Bloodhound, thanks to doktormerlin